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Phase 5 AR Universal Mini Stock

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Part Number: PH5UMS
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The Phase 5 Universal Mini Stock is a fixed stock solution for your rifle that fits on a variety of buffer tubes and receiver extensions.

Utilizing two heavy duty set screws, the Universal Mini Stock offers easy installation on receiver extension tubes.


  • (2) Set screws
  • (1) Extended hex key

This stock will fit the following:

  • Mil-Spec 6-position carbine receiver extensions
  • Phase 5™ HexOne Buffer Tube
  • Phase 5™ Hex-2 Buffer Tube
  • Most cylindrical buffer tubes, 1.10”-1.25” OD*
  • Rifle length receiver extension tube

The set screw will be more secure on the cylindrical buffer tubes if you put a small dimple on the tube.

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