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Real Avid AR10 Scraper Tool

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Part Number: AVIDAVAR10S
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The AR10 Scraper saves cleaning time by removing built-up fouling fast. It’s precision made to match 12 surfaces on all 4 major parts of the bolt carrier group: the bolt carrier, bolt, bolt cam pin, and firing pin. A punch for the firing pin retaining pin is located at the front for quick disassembly.

  • Firing pin (large dia.)
  • Firing pin (small dia.)
  • Bolt cam pin
  • Bolt carrier scraper (2) 
  • Bolt tail interior
  • Bolt tail exterior
  • Bolt tail shoulder
  • Bolt waist
  • Between bolt lugs
  • Bolt face
  • Behind-cartridge extractor
  • Retaining pin punch
  • 1/4" bit driver
  • Bottle opener

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