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Real Avid AR15 Scraper Tool

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Carbon is the enemy of guns. Regular use quickly builds up carbon on bolts and ring pins. The moving parts on an AR15 require a precision-scraping solution, so this AR15 scraper is designed to clean 12 critical surfaces on the bolt carrier group. The innovative, double-ended swivel design saves time by removing carbon quickly and easily from the entire bolt carrier group. Carbon just ran out of places to hide.

  • Firing pin large diameter scraper
  • Bolt tail exterior scraper
  • Behind-cartridge extractor scraper
  • Firing pin small diameter scraper
  • Bolt tail shoulder scraper
  • Cotter pin puller
  • Bolt cam pin scraper
  • Bolt waist scraper
  • 1/4” bit driver
  • Bolt carrier scraper (2)
  • Between bolt lugs scraper
  • Bolt tail interior scraper
  • Bolt face scraper

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