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real avid ar15 carbon boss multi cleaning tool

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This is the most comprehensive carbon removal multi-tool ever built. Extremely versatile, it has 12 precision surfaces to clean the most critical parts of your bolt, bolt carrier, cam pin, and firing pin. It also includes a cotter pin puller, a replaceable rotating hybrid SMART BRUSH™, and an imbedded bolt tail detailing brush. It’s the enemy of your AR15’s worst enemy.

  • Innovative compact triangular frame design
  • Single-sided design for fast tool access
  • Protective sheath with carry strap
  • Durable engineering-grade resin and non-hardened 420 stainless steel tools
  • Folding tools use liner locks or detents to stay in place
  • AR15 bolt tail scraper (interior and exterior)
  • Pin punch for AR15 disassembly
  • Firing pin scrapers (3)
  • Bolt brushes - bronze phosphor (2)
  • Rotating combination SMART BRUSH™
  • Cotter pin puller
  • Bolt face scraper
  • Bolt lug scraper
  • Bolt carrier scraper
  • Bolt cam pin scraper

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